New Accounts

The Town of Wilkeson provides water to all residents.  Sewer and storm water drainage is provided to some residents of Wilkeson.   Check with town hall to see if your address has all the imenities.

New home owners MUST come to the Town Hall, show identifation, and paperwork showing ownership of the residence before we can continue water service and change ownership of utilities at the address. No deposit is required.

Renters must have permission from owner/landlord to put the utilities in their own name and MUST pay a deposit before we can continue utility service at the address. The current deposit for renters is $240.00.

There is a $5.00 new account admin fee which will be charged on the first month’s bill for all new accounts.

Application for Utility Services

Application for Utility Services
Fill out and return to Town Hall.


Electricity – Provided by Puget Sound Energy

Trash Pick up – Provided by Murreys Disposal

You will need to contact these providers individually to set up and manage those accounts.