Utility Rate Increase in 2022

The Town of Wilkeson recently conducted 2 studies with our Engineering firm. These studies were conducted on our Wastewater Facilities as well as an update on our Water Comprehensive plan. A portion of the study looks at the overall health of our system and infrastructure and creates a need-based capital improvement program. Based on the needs of that program, a rate structure is created, that includes incremental increases. The plans call for a 5% increase, annually, through the plan’s expiration. These increases are aimed to keep on pace with the funding reserves necessary to secure funding for these projects.

All monies that are brought in through utility payments are segregated into their own “Enterprise Fund.” Enterprise Fund revenues are separated and are required to be used for the expenses within that specific fund.

Town Hall is typically open from 7 am- 5 pm Monday through Thursday. If there is a planned closure, you will find it on the calendar linked below.

July 2021 Calendar

*Please note, the clerk typically closes town hall around 12:00 for banking purposes. There is only one full-time employee at Town Hall. If you need something from the clerk, please call or email ahead of time so we can arrange a meeting time and I can be prepared with the information necessary.

Wilkeson Municipal Water

Town of Wilkeson Water FAQ’s

The Town of Wilkeson Municipal Water System has a total of 571 equivalent residential connections (ERU). This number is determined by the Washington State Department of Health.

Currently Wilkeson has 374 ERU’s in use and 197 available connections able to be sold before our capacity is met.

Proposed Out of Town Subdivision

Currently, there is a proposed development requesting 74 water connections. The property is located in unincorporated Pierce County. Therefore, the water portion is the only aspect of the project the Town of Wilkeson has jurisdiction over. All other decisions will be made by Pierce County Planning and Land Services division.

To date, Pierce County has not received this developer’s application for the proposed development. The application will be for a  proposed Preliminary Plat with State Environmental Protection Act (SEPA) review. That proposed plat and SEPA review will require the developer complete the following items:

  1. Impact Studies
    • Traffic
    • Schools
    • Storm Water
    • Critical Areas
  2. Septic Design Approval through Tacoma Pierce County Health Department
  3. Community Input
    • Public Comment- allowing people to call or email a specific contact at Pierce County, that will be responsible for fielding and retaining the comment received.
    • Any member of the public may request Pierce County hold a community meeting here in Town to go over the information and receive comments in person.

This is a developing item and as more information is available, updates will be made here.

2019 Consumer Confidence Report

The Town of Wilkeson is required to publish an Annual Consumer Confidence/ Water Quality Report. This report has been submitted to the required Washington State Agencies and is available to view now.

If you have questions regarding this document, or if you would like to request previous Water Quality Reports, please call Town Hall, 360-829-0790 or email [email protected]

COVID-19 Update, May 2021

The Town of Wilkeson is open for regular business, as are our Town Council Meetings. Please feel free to join us on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month at 6 pm to see what is going on.

Please have your mask on hand in case social distancing in the meeting room is not possible. We value your input and if you have any questions, feel free to contact Town Hall.