Utility Billings are disbursed on the first working day of each month.  The billing entails previous month’s usage from the first day of the month to the last day of that month, inclusive.

Commercial/Business meters are read every month.  Residential meters are read every other month.  Both Commercial and Residential customers are charged monthly base water fees, if a meter is present at the location, whether meter is active or not.  Sewer and storm sewer fees are a flat monthly rate.  Residential consumption is charged every other month.  So the usage charge, when applicable, equals 2 months consumption.

Utility bills mailed out on the first of the month are due by the 25th day of the same month. (January 1st billing is due January 25th.)

When is the utility bill deliquent? ~If utility payment is not received by the second month due date (January 1st bill not paid by February 25th), then the bill becomes delinquent and a $7.50 late charge is incurred.  If the bill is then not paid by the 14th on the third month (January 1st bill not paid by March 14th) then the service is disconnected and a $75 reconnect fee is incurred.  Entire balance, on the account, would then have to be paid before service is restored.


Payments can be made in the form of:
Cash, Check, Money Order or Online Payment*

Checks and Money Orders can be mailed to:
Town of Wilkeson
PO Box 89
Wilkeson, WA 98396

Online Payments* can be paid online at:
*Service fees apply to phone and online payments

Cash payments can be made, in person, at town hall, during business hours. There is a drop box, next to the front door of Town Hall, if you bring your payment by after hours.  You can also pay through your bank or credit union with on line payments.

Wilkeson does not have electronic bill invoicing, nor electronic billing deposit, but you can use your bank’s internet bill paying services to pay your utility bill.  Simply log on to to your bank’s internet banking service and go to your bill paying feature.  Look for the feature that will add a payee to your account. Then just set us up like you would any other account.

  • They will need your account number with us (#XXXX.X)[If their numbering system won’t accept the “.X”, then you may leave that off and just use the first four numbers]
  • They will want our mailing address so they can send us a paper check. (Wilkeson Town Hall, PO Box 89, Wilkeson, WA 98396)
  • They will want our phone number, in case they need to contact us regarding the payment. (360-829-0790)

Once you get us in their system, then every month, when you get your bill, you will need to go on line and go to your bill paying link and tell them how much you want to pay us and the date you want to pay it, and they, in turn will mail us a check.

Town Hall is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00AM to 5:00PM.  Billing is done on the first working day of each month.  Any payments received after NOON on the last working day of the month, will NOT be posted to accounts until first of the month billing is completed.

Questions concerning your utility bill? Contact: [email protected] or phone 360-829-0790

Request for Water Leak Adjustment
To request a water leak adjustment complete the following form:

Request for a water leak adjustment

AUGUST – 2014 ~ New Utility billing software installed; new utility account numbers issued
JANUARY – 2015 ~ New sewer rates effective
FEBRUARY – 2015 ~ New water rates effective