Register to Vote and Voter’s information

We need your help!
We want people to become involved and register to vote! Now through October, the Pierce County Auditor’s Office is mounting a “500,000 Voters” campaign. They are determined to break the half-million mark for active registered voters.
Voting has never been easier with their new election system. The link below goes to the main election page where you can find a link to register to vote or update your address if you have moved. They also provide the most current election information, including the full text of resolutions, ballot statistics, voters’ pamphlets, election results, and more.

Be a Pierce County Voter!


2017 Blood Drive Dates

All are welcome and all are needed!
The blood supply is relying on you, the patients at our over 90 hospitals are relying on you. Mark your calendars!

Carbonado: Monday, February 13th      Wilkeson: Monday, April 17th
Carbonado: Monday, June 26th                 Wilkeson: Monday, August 14th
Carbonado: Monday, November 6th    Wilkeson: Monday, December 11th

Help Build Skateable Art

Proposed Art Project for Wilkeson!

Visit the “Bacon and Eggs” Info site below, to see information concerning an art auction which will benefit building a proposed skatepark art project in Wilkeson.


Update: September 16, 2015 – There is new art for the auction and they are also seeking donations.  $100 will get your name on a tile set inside the lip of the fry pan.