Public Notice

The Wilkeson Town Council is conducting a study session to consider amendments to dimensional standards in the residential district at 5 pm on Wednesday, January 24th. Meeting will be held in Town council cambers and regular council meeting to follow.

Public Notice

The Town Council of the Town of Wilkeson will have a PUBLIC HEARING to consider amendments to the bulk and dimensional standards (lot size, width)n the residential district. The hearing will be January 24th, at 6 pm in the Town Council Chambers. The council will not adopt code changes at the hearing, but will take public comment on the proposed changes. A SEPA environmental determination will be issued after the hearing and will have an additional 14 day comment period. For more information please contact the Town Clerk at (360) 829-0790 or

Help Wanted!

Looking for a Civic Minded Citizen to fill 4 year term for Councilperson Position #1.

This is your chance to flex your civic pride, and to make a difference in what goes on in local government. If you care about things that effect you and your neighbors, this is your chance to be a part of, or even create history!
You must live in town and have time to attend 2 council meetings a month (Second and Fourth Wednesday at 6pm).

Submit a letter of interest to Town Clerk if interested. Deadline for letters is January 23, 2018. For questions please contact Town Hall 360-829-0790

Help Wanted!

Register to Vote and Voter’s information

We need your help!
We want people to become involved and register to vote! Now through October, the Pierce County Auditor’s Office is mounting a “500,000 Voters” campaign. They are determined to break the half-million mark for active registered voters.
Voting has never been easier with their new election system. The link below goes to the main election page where you can find a link to register to vote or update your address if you have moved. They also provide the most current election information, including the full text of resolutions, ballot statistics, voters’ pamphlets, election results, and more.

Be a Pierce County Voter!


Help Build Skateable Art

Proposed Art Project for Wilkeson!

Visit the “Bacon and Eggs” Info site below, to see information concerning an art auction which will benefit building a proposed skatepark art project in Wilkeson.


Update: September 16, 2015 – There is new art for the auction and they are also seeking donations.  $100 will get your name on a tile set inside the lip of the fry pan.